By introducing the promoter to the specific brand and supporting this with an extensive training, we can ensure that the questions asked by the target group will be answered in a competent fashion. The prerequisite for a positive market experience is that the promoter can represent the brand in a convincing manner.

Our sales promotion services has extensive experience in a broad range of marketing disciplines and we approach each situation on the following basis in order to develop strategically sound marketing solutions that work.

  • We get to know and understand our clients’ business.
  • We understand the overall marketing objectives and strategies.
  • We develop sales promotion objectives as a logical conclusion of a thorough situation analysis.
  • We apply the most effective strategies and tactics after considering objectives, the competitive environment and the budge.
  • We always integrate all marketing communications and activities wherever possible for maximum synergy.
  • We develop creative that communicates the core brand benefits, imagery and values.
  • We ensure that our execution is timely and flawless.

People4Fair realizes events are a direct reflection of your company’s positioning in the marketplace and must be compelling enough to meet your objectives while producing a marked return. We has successfully designed and produced corporate events, educational seminars, non-profit fund raisers, product demonstrations, guest speakers and consumer marketing events. While at People4Fair we generally manages all facets of our client’s event, we also offer individualized services customized towards a client’s particular needs.

Trust us, we’re experts!

People4Fair offers you targeted promotional activities in the area of events, conferences, specialised stores or other top locations. Wherever you want to reach your target group, we’re there! Are you looking to increase the presence, awareness and attention attracted by your product? Do you want to reach your target group without wastage? Our highly motivated and well trained team are on hand to supervise the campaigns on location. Whether you are looking to address regional customers or are planning a nationwide campaign, we’re always the right partner for your company.